Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özcan Bayrak, Tuğrul Gökmen Şahin

Release date 2018
ISBN 978-605-2132-25-8
Printing 1st Printing
Language Turkish
Pages 224
Cover Type Paperback
Paper Type Book Paper
Boyut 19.3x27.6 cm

With idioms, which are one of the most important ways of expressing a lot with few words based on conciseness, we can both put the past of the society, life style and general expressions of the language in our minds in a latent way, and we can provide an easy and more effective expression of difficult situations by adding agility to the narration. Apart from being the richness of a language, idioms should not be cursory in schools, considering that they add agility, warmth, sophistication and charm to writing and speech. In order to understand the expressions, it should not be overlooked that expressions should not be contented with only explanatory expressions and the necessity of adapting to daily life with various methods. In this respect, we believe that our work will help our esteemed colleagues and parents in order for children to learn the idioms more effectively and permanently.