Asst. Prof. Dr. Bilge BAĞCI AYRANCI

Release date 2017
ISBN 978-605-2132-00-5
Printing 1st Printing
Language Turkish
Pages 246
Cover Type Paperback
Paper Type Book Paper
Boyut 16 x 24 cm

Literature is actually the essence of all sciences; for this reason, it plays an important role in the advancement of social sciences and the emergence of creative and flexible thinking. Literature and education; considering the communication process between human and society, they are two complementary and interrelated areas. "Decency", which is the origin of the word literature(in Turkish), actually means manners and education. The purpose of writing literary works is to some extent to educate. It should not be forgotten that the subject of both education and literature is human. Human struggle to survive and its relationship with its environment, feelings, dreams, and aims to form the right behavior are common subjects of education and literature. The book "Language and Literature Teaching-1 (Special Teaching Methods)" appears as original in its field. This book is a resource not only for prospective teachers but also for academicians doing research in the field.