Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sertel ALTUN - Lecturer Dr. Nihal YURTSEVEN

Release date 2019
ISBN 978-605-7736-12-3
Printing 1st Printing
Language Turkish
Pages 149
Cover Type Paperback
Paper Type Book Paper
Boyut 13 x 21 cm
Price 27 TL

The starting point of this book is to create a roadmap to guide teachers in their journey to create a designer teacher identity within the framework of the UbD instructional design model. The readership of the book consists of teacher candidates, teachers and education administrators from all branches and levels. For teachers and teacher candidates, the book will provide both theoretical and practical contributions to design skills, student-centered application examples, criteria for evaluating a good design, application examples of different teaching methods and techniques, process and result-oriented assessment and evaluation types. On the other hand, the book, for managers, will be a guide in establishing, maintaining, evaluating and developing a school-based development model on institutional basis. In addition, the process of UbD-based instructional design studies is expected to contribute to the establishment of the institutional curriculum archive through the collaboration of teachers and administrators, sharing and production.