Prof. Dr. Ali Yıldırım , R.A. Ayşegül Akdemir

Release date 2017-04-25
ISBN 6058296831
Printing 1st Printing
Language Turkish
Pages 296
Cover Type Paperback
Paper Type Book Paper
Boyut 13 x 21 cm
Price 36 TL

"... While the realm was a green and eternal hope in absolute tranquility, the will of the One brought it to cş u huruss. Infinite will first created the word. The word turned the green hope into the sea of fire. For, the word, which is the manifestation of love, was itself evident. The love that the One adds to the being and to the essence of man turned into flames again. In this eternal adventure, in an effort to search for the other half, man ignited his words, spoke of fires ... "